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Nappy Washing Guide

There are no hard and fast rules here, so long as your nappies don't smell or leave your baby with irritation then you're doing well! 

We recommend washing every 2-3 days and using a spin speed of no more than 1000rpm. You can wash on 40 or 60 degrees and chose bio or non-bio, either way we recommend a powder detergent and no fabric softener (be aware than using bio detergents may invalidate some manufacturers warranty).

Remove any solids from dirty nappies and wipes (weaning onward) before storing in a bucket or wet bag. It's easiest to also pull out any inserts at this stage too.

On wash day empty your bucket or bag in to the washing machine. Run a short wash to remove the worst of the soiling for 30-60 minutes. You want this to be separate from your main wash so that your machine doesn't reuse the dirty water. You may choose to use up to half a dose of detergent here. 

After this quick wash is your main wash. You're looking to have the machine 2/3 to 3/4 full when wet for proper agitation. If you need to you can bulk with baby clothes or small towels. Make sure to use a full dose of detergent (nappies are the dirtiest thing you'll wash), there is a guide on the box and you should be looking at water hardness, drum size and heavy soiling. If you have an extra water function please use it and be sure not to use any eco cycles. Look for a cycle that is 2-3 hours long (normally a cottons wash).

After washing line dry whenever possible and avoid hanging nappies by the elastics so that you don't stretch them over time. In cooler months you may wish to tumble dry, this is OK for most inserts as long as you dry on cool but never put any PUL in the tumble dryer. If you are going to dry this way I would suggest checking the labels or manufacturers guidance for each item.

Avoid putting any items on direct heat such as radiators.

Please note that every brand has it's own washing guidance, this is just a general guide and we recommend reading them so you don't void your warranty.

If you feel like you have any issues or want some more personalised help please feel free to contact us.

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