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Cloth Nappy Fit Guides

All nappies generally fit with the same principles, most people will have no issues fitting a new brand if they have previously had success fitting cloth nappies.

However, we are know that some brands fit a little differently. Some are very trim and fit more like pants and sometimes you just need some troubleshooting when trying a new brand.

If you have any fit issues and the below fit guides aren't helping you fix it or you want to talk to someone then we're more than happy to help you by email

Not all brands have fit guides but rest assured we've tried every nappy we stock and we're here to help.

Fit guides:

Bubblebubs Candies

Bubblebubs Bamboo Delight

CrackaDaks AI2/Pocket

Designer Bums AI2/Pocket

EcoNaps on a newborn

EcoNaps get to know your nappy

Modern Cloth Nappies

My Little Gumnut

Pepi Collection 

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