About Us

Welcome to Peanut and Poppet!

I'm Katrina and I have two young sons that have been the inspiration behind the company, based in Yeovil, Somerset.

Peanut and Poppet was built from my love of cloth nappies. I've been using cloth nappies since my youngest son was 2 weeks old and they've become a real hobby of mine! I love to chat (and buy) all things cloth nappies so if you have any questions or need some advice I'd love to hear from you.

One of my main goals with Peanut and Poppet is to make cloth nappies as easy and accessible as I can. When I started looking in to cloth nappies there was such a lot of information out there and it took me a while to feel like I really got a handle on all the lingo. Now I hope I can pass on some of my knowledge and experience to you and help you on your way. It can actually be super simple!

Using cloth has really inspired me to make lots of other environmentally conscious changes in my life. One thing I've found frustrating is having to buy from so many different places to get everything I need so I want to provide people with a one stop shop for all their eco-friendly needs. We're not just a cloth nappy store but an eco-living store where you can find a range of earth friendly products. 

I believe in providing simple, eco-friendly products and supporting other small businesses and work at home parents/businesses. My aim is to work with lots of wonderful businesses big and small.

Thanks for stopping by!

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