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Strip Washing Nappies

Strip washing nappies isn't something we all need to do, there are just a few occasions where you may need to give them a bit of extra attention. Overall, we believe in a simple fuss free routine.

When should I strip wash?

In all likelihood you may never have to strip wash your nappies. If you are worried about nappies smelling or possible detergent build up then you can email us at or reach out to fellow cloth users on our Peanut and Poppet Hangout group on Facebook

It is possible in this instance that you need to strip wash but it's certainly not a regular part of a routine that you need to worry about.

How do I strip wash?

At Peanut and Poppet we're advocates for simple, fuss free routines. We do not recommend using chemicals such as bleach. It is possible to damage your nappies by using this method and no one wants that!

Simply strip wash as follows:

  1. Put nappies in to the washing machine (loosely full or roughly 3/4 full when wet)
  2.  Run a quick wash on 40 or 60 degrees (30-60 minutes). It's simply to remove most of the soiling.
  3. Run a long 60 degree wash (2-3 hours+) with a full dose of detergent. You can find the detergent dose on the side of the box, be sure to adjust for water hardness, drum size and heavy soiling. This is the most important part.
  4. Run the same 60 degree wash but without detergent. 

What about Thrush or other fungi?

The general advice in these circumstances is to wash all items that come in to contact with the area on 60 degrees. It is a good idea to avoid bulking the wash with non contaminated items.

How should I care for preloved/second hand nappies?

Generally speaking, cloth users tend to keep their nappies in good condition. If you have a good wash routine then you shouldn't need to do anything more than adding them to your next nappy load.

What happens when babies have immunisations?

There is no need to change your wash routine during these times. A 40 or 60 degree wash is sufficient and if your baby has had the Rotavirus vaccine you just need to be vigilant about hand washing after nappy changes.

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