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Jargon Buster

When you're looking at cloth nappies there can be an awful lot of jargon and abbreviations floating around. Here's a quick guide to break that down for you.

PUL/TPU - Short hand for Polyurethane laminate and Thermoplastic Polyurethane. They're types of materials used to provide water resistant or waterproof covers.

Insert/Soaker/Booster - An absorbent piece of material that goes inside a nappy to either provide the absorbency or for extra absorbency.

Cover/Wrap - This is the waterproof/water resistant outer layer that stops liquid from simply coming through. Normally made from PUL or TPU. It is worth noting that if a nappy is absolutely soaked then liquid may come through the wrap but that doesn't mean your wrap is broken.

AIOAn all-in-one nappy where, as the name suggests, it comes all in one piece. The absorbent inner material is sewn in to the outer waterproof layer and goes on similarly to a disposable.

AI2 - An all-in-two nappy is just as it sounds. Nappies come in two parts, a waterproof cover and an absorbent insert that normally poppers in to a cover or may lay flat inside a water proof cover. Ideal for quicker drying times and often the outer cover can be reused by simply replacing the inserts which is also cost saving.

Pocket - These nappies are a water proof cover with a material lining. The lining will have an opening (pocket) normally at the back of the nappy where you can stuff absorbent inserts in to. Goes on like a disposable in one piece and has the benefit of quicker drying than an AIO because the inserts are separate.

Fitted/Two Part Nappy - This refers to a nappy system where you have a nappy that is made entirely of absorbent material and needs an addition waterproof cover to go over the top. Often used as night nappies because of the increased absorbency they offer.

Snappi/Nappy Nippa - A stretchy Y shape device with grippers on the three ends that secure and hold flats and terries on your baby.

Flat/Terry - A square piece of fabric, normally cotton, bamboo or a mixture that you fold and fasten to your baby, normally with a Snappi. A traditional nappy style.

Prefold - A rectangle piece of fabric that has sewn in two places to make it in to thirds. The middle third will have extra layers for absorbency. Can be folded and secured with a Snappi or used like an insert for AI2 and Pocket nappies.

Trifold - Similar to a prefold as it's sewn in to thirds but the middle doesn't have extra layers. Used as an insert that will dry quicker as it folds out to be thinner than regular inserts.

Liner - A rectangle of stay dry fabric such as fleece that sits inside the nappy next to baby's bum and works to keep them feeling dry and makes removing soiling easier.

Velcro/Aplix/Hook and Loop - All names used to describe a velcro fastening that keeps a nappy or wrap secured at the waist.

Snaps/Poppers - An alternative to velcro fastening, often preferred as it doesn't stick to other materials in the wash.

MCN - Abbreviation for modern cloth nappy that's used to describe nappies such as AIO, AI2 and Pockets as they are modern versions of the terry nappy that generations used before.

BTP/B2P/Birth to Potty - A way to describe nappies that are designed to fit from birth to potty with adjustable rise poppers to make them longer or shorter. They generally fit from 10-35lb.

Newborn Nappies - A smaller version of BTP nappies that fit right from birth and are ideal for smaller or premature babies. They are often shaped to fit underneath a babies cord and allow for easy cord care. Generally fit from 4-18lb.

Sized Nappies - Nappies that either come sized 1-5 or in small-large rather than BTP. You will need multiple to get you through until potty training but they provide a better fit for the weight range they are designed for. Also useful for larger babies who no longer fit in BTP.

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