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Using Cloth Nappies at Nursery | Hannah @dextersclothadventure

Hannah shares her experience with using cloth nappies at a nursery setting and tells us what she's learnt along the way.

A stack of cloth nappies in a nursery

We started our cloth nappy journey when Dexter was around seven months old and I very quickly fell in love with it… my husband might say borderline obsessed, but with such beautiful prints and amazing brands, who can blame me?!

As my maternity leave came to an end I was keen to find a nursery that would support us in using cloth nappies. I was pleasantly surprised that all of the nurseries I looked around were more than happy to give it a go, even if they’ve never had a cloth bum baby before! Don’t be afraid to ask your setting, after all, it’s your baby and their needs must be met by the setting. And if that need is cloth… then so be it!

How to help support your nursery or childcare setting...

I found the cloth nappy fit guide super helpful on the Peanut and Poppet website and sent a copy in with Dexter’s nappies so the staff could familiarise themselves with how to fit the nappies.

We have a variety of brands and types of nappies including terrys, two part systems, pockets and all-in-ones and I’m not going to lie, some are easier to use and fit than others! For nursery I found pockets and all-in-ones the best to send in. I’d make sure the pockets were pre-stuffed and lined with a disposable liner and then popped them in a nappy pod. For a full day at nursery I usually pack 6 nappies – it’s always better to overpack than underpack! Our go to nappies for nursery are Fiyyah Pokkit, Modern Cloth Nappies Pearl AIO and Yoho & Co pockets.

Storing your nappies...

Cloth Nappy pod packed with reusable nappiesYou can’t go wrong with a Little Lovebum nappy pod – plently of room to pop your nappies and a wet bag. I also love using the EcoNaps Day Tripper bag which had more than enough room for nappies, a wet bag and the fifty-seven thousand changes of clothes Dexter needs for a day at nursery! Some nurseries will ask for individual wet bags for each nappy but mine were happy to just pop everything in one! I always said if they weren’t sure what to do with the nappy to just take it off and put it straight in the bag… a pooey nappy doesn’t phase you after a while does it?!


It does take some settings a bit of getting used to using cloth, but our experience has been so positive! Dexter has started a new nursery recently due to me being back on maternity leave and they were super enthusiastic to have another baby in cloth!

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