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Anavy Fitted One-Size Popper Nappy - Frogs (Light Blue) - Cloth Nappies - Peanut and Poppet UK

Anavy Fitted One-Size Nappy - Poppers

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Anavy fitted nappies are a really absorbent, versatile fitted nappy that grows with your baby. Each nappy comes with 2 bamboo inserts, plus the nappy itself is absorbent, making it perfect for day or night use for a wide range of babies. 

Anavy inserts are made from 80% viscose (bamboo) and 20% polyester (from recycled PET bottles) and the nappy itself is made from either:

  • 100% cotton
  • 95% cotton and 5% elastane or
  • 80% cotton and 20% polyester depending on the fabric.

For a highly absorbent night time nappy use both inserts in the nappy, for day time or light wetters you can simply use the nappy on its own or the nappy plus one insert. Gentle leg elastics provide security and containment while the back elastic and wide range of waist poppers allow for a really comfortable fit.

Designed to fit from 4kg - 15kg (approx, depending on the shape of your baby)


  • One size fits most (birth to potty)
  • Fitted (shaped) nappy
  • Day or night use (most commonly used at night)
  • Two snap-in bamboo inserts
  • Inserts can be customised to your absorbency needs
  • 2 columns of rise snaps
  • Popper waist closure
  • Single row of waist poppers
  • Hip stability snap
  • Crossover popper for smaller babies
  • Single gusset

TIP: Wash multiple times before use to increase absorbency or use an extra booster for heavier wetters while you wait for them to reach full absorbency. 

You will need a waterproof/water resistant cover to go over the top of a fitted nappy. Shop our range of covers and wraps here

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