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Reusable Nappy Week 2021

Reusable Nappy Week 2021 (RNW) is a fun filled week, packed with all things cloth nappies. Formally known as Real Nappy Week, RNW is an awareness campaign for reusable nappies. Everyone is invited to get involved, celebrate, enjoy, educate and spread the love for all things reusable nappies. 

Information, offers & discounts!

We will be sharing lots of information throughout the week over on Instagram plus discounts, offers and competitions. Get involved and find out more by joining us on Instagram and on our Facebook group; Peanut and Poppet Hangout. While you're at it, tell all your friends about it too!

Chat. Inspire. Help. Cloth nappy advice and chat support group - Peanut and Popept

Do you want to be part of the change but not sure where to start?

Fill in our personalised nappy advice questionnaire today and we'll help you get on your way!

Personalised cloth nappy advice questionnaire - Peanut and Poppet UK

Demonstrations via zoom

If you're a visual learner then this one if definitely for you. We are launching a cloth nappy consultation where you can get a live demonstration, troubleshooting help and have a general chat with an expert! Sound like it's for you? Book now.

Reusable nappy demonstration - Cloth help and advice - Peanut and Poppet UK


At Peanut and Poppet we are committed to sustainability. After all, sustainability and reducing waste are one of the big reasons for choosing to cloth. That's why we're not hitting you with rock bottom prices site wide. Of course there are some great discounts and promotions, don't worry, but we don't encourage mass over spending or excessive consumerism. Instead, the approach we take is to educate and inspire more people to use cloth with excellent value and some amazing resources that we think will help make the transition to cloth much easier and more accessible.
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